Center for Polar and Oceanic Studies

Center for Polar and Oceanic Studies (CPOS), Tongji University, established in 2009, is the first such academic institution in China’s colleges and universities with the comprehensive studies on the Arctic and Antarctic politics, law, security, society, environment, economy, and China’s polar strategy and polar policy.

CPOS is to best achieve the target of accumulating polar research resources, building research team, and promoting academic exchanges and cooperation with polar research institutions at home and abroad. The center is to develop itself by way of getting support from Tongji School of Political Science and International Relations, as well as support from other Tongji schools and colleges. CPOS also targets on the interdisciplinary studies based on the combination of humanities and social sciences with engineering and sciences by taking Tongji’s advantages in the oceanic and environmental sciences.

CPOS is dedicated to five issue area studies:

  1. Polar International Organization Studies
  2. Polar Political and Security Studies
  3. Polar Policy Studies
  4. Polar Environmental, Resources & Social Studies
  5. Polar and Oceanic Management Institution Studies

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Xia Liping Tongji

Xia Liping
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Ole Arve Misund

Xia Liping